You have roots here, now grow with us.  We are all UC San Diego employees, and our mission is to bring you a program that will help you learn, teach, and grow. 


UExplore, started in 2009, is a 12-month professional development program designed to empower you with knowledge of self and knowledge of the university so you can leverage a wide and deep body resources in navigating your UC career path.  

How does UExplore work for you? 

  • Know Yourself - Gain self-awareness and channel that knowledge towards your individual career planning process at UC San Diego.  Take ownership, take action to identify, communicate, and plan S.M.A.R.T professional goals.  
  • Know the University - Gain knowledge of the University's organizational structure and feel connected to the University's mission.
  • Grow - Learn from and network with successful professionals at all levels of leadership across the University.  Hear about what they do and why they like it, where those positions exist on campus and how much they pay, and gain insights on what they see as key experiences in their career and how they define success in their roles.

Program Schedule

  • 13 workshops taking place over 12 months (Feb 8, 2018 - January 31, 2019)
  • Each workshop takes place on campus and runs 8:30am-12pm
  • Attendance is required and monitored for each workshop
  • Schedule/Topic
    • Feb 8 - Welcome Orientation
    • Feb 22 - Mirror, Mirror: Verifying your MBTI Personality Type
    • March 15 - Suit Yourself: Your Career Planning Process, Pt 1
    • April 19  - Suit Yourself: Your Career Planning Process, Pt 2
    • May 17 - Grow with US: UC San Diego & The Leadership Pipeline
    • June 14 - Navigating the Recruitment Process & Starring Y-O-U
    • July 12 - Resume review: What does your resume say about you?
    • Aug 9 - UExplore - Showcase 
    • Sept 20, Oct 18, Nov 1, Nov 29, Jan 17 - How UC it: UC San Diego Careers and Career Tracks & Career Panels for Staff HR, Academic HR, IT, Communications & External Affairs, Educational Services, Security & Public Safety & General Services, Sports & Recreation, Student Services, Finance, General Administration, Research Administration, and TBD
    • Jan 31 - Celebrate!


  • Eligibility Criteria - Represented employees in full-time career appointments in BFS, Chancellor's Office, VCAA, VC-EDI, VCR, and VCSA with recent performance appraisal evaluation of "S", "A" or "E" who will have passed their probationary period by the first day of UExplore workshops (e.g. February 22, 2018).  Each applicant must commit to and follow through on attending each workshop in full.  The supervisor must make every reasonable effort to ensure this commitment is fulfilled.

Application & Selection Process 

  • Encouraged Process from the Role of:
    1. Employee:
      1. Talk it over with your supervisor & come to agreement that this is the right opportunity for you
      2. Receive their consent, that if selected, you will be given release time to attend and participate in all program activities
      3. Complete the online application (4 short essay questions) and ask your supervisor for assistance as needed.  
    2. Supervisor:
      1. Talk it over with your employee & if appropriate and reasonable give them consent for release time to attend and participate in all program activities
      2. After employee completes the online application it will route to you. Sign-off on approval for participation and consent for release time if selected
      3. ​If employee selected to participate – engage and check-in with the employee through out the program year·   

Testimonials from UExplorers

  • UExplore allowed me to devote time to learning about career options and determining what the best fit is for me. At the conclusion of UExplore, I feel I have direction for training and making connections so I am ready when I want to make a transition. This is a wonderful gift for an employer to provide and it can only serve the employee/employer relationship well.
  • I have a better understanding of how UCSD runs and works as a whole. I have met so many interesting people - great opportunity to network.
  • Knowledge of the variety of jobs available at UC will make me stay with UC longer. There is no reason to leave this company (loyalty) when there are opportunities for growth and advancement.
  • I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in this program. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, the networking and I appreciate all the valuable information that was presented to us. Thanks to UExplore, I feel more knowledgeable not only about the University and all the resources available to its employees, but also about myself and what the best fit is for me professionally. I am ready to make informed decisions about my career and I look forward to advancing my career at UCSD.
  • The professional development side of the program really serves as a catalyst for the introspection that is necessary to truly ask oneself "What do I want to do with my life?", "What career field would be the best fit for me?" and, ultimately, "What steps do I need to take to get where I want to be?"
  • I feel empowered to take strong, strategic steps for my professional and personal growth.