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COVID-19 Guidance

Due to the current pandemic of COVID-19 and the implications it has on the University, the faculty, staff and students and our resources, we have outlined temporary changes for certain Academic Affairs personnel processes until we receive further guidance.

Hiring Pause

Effective March 30, 2020, all staff hiring is paused. This includes:

  • New and extension of all types of staff positions including career, limited appointment/short term exception, temporary services, contract appointments and dual appointments.
  • Requests to defer equity increases, reclassifications and stipends.

In addition to hiring actions, all equity increases, reclassifications and stipend requests will need to be approved at the EVC office during this pause period. 

There are blanket exceptions during the hiring pause for appointments that are short-term, temporary, directly supportive of education/research for the following types of positions: 

    • Undergraduate Student Positions
    • Teaching Assistants, Tutors, Readers
    • Graduate Student Researchers
    • Unit 18 Lecturers
    • Non-Student Tutors
    • Summer Session Teaching Appointments

Exception Requests

Any department who wishes to request an exception for hiring staff can submit a request by doing the following:

  • Have the home department send the request to the Dean’s Office
  • The Dean’s Office will forward requests to the EVC Office
    • For Career, TES, STE, Contract recruitment requests send via email to Steve Ross, and Cyndi Muylle, 
    • For Stipend requests, route to Cyndi Muylle, 
    • For Equity requests, route through the Equity Module
    • For Reclassifications, route through JDOnline
  • Requests need to include answers to four questions:
    • Is the position mission critical? i.e. Will not filling the position directly undermine our ability to carry the university mission? Can we manage without the position for some time?
    • Is the position funded by a restricted fund source (a contract or grant or restricted gift) that requires the position to fulfill the obligations related to the project?
    • What options have been explored regarding ways to reallocate the work through an internal restructuring (temporary or permanent)?
    • If we must fill the position now, are there opportunities to temporarily or permanently find available talent in another area where the workload is down?
  • All exception requests require VC approval.
  • Career, core funded hiring requests require both VC and CFO approval.

Vacation Overmax

UC’s Absence From Work Policy and UC San Diego’s Local Procedures describe the process to request a four-month “grace period” following the accrual of the maximum amount of vacation. This grace period allows the employee to continue to accrue vacation and not be penalized by the loss of vacation credit because the employee’s vacation was delayed due to exceptional circumstances. 

In order to request the exception:

  • Employees should complete the request via DocuSign.
  • Individuals completing the form need to include a plan for vacation usage and reflect that the balance at the end of the four-month extension will be below their accrual maximum hours.  
  • Prior to completing the form, employees and supervisors should agree on a schedule of how/when leave will be used.
  • Please do not send the vacation leave accrual exception request DocuSign approvals to EVC Simmons.  
  • For Vice Chancellor approval in Academic Affairs:

While the form is designed for staff, it can be used for academics that accrue vacation.